Neworld Cycle presents P2AVIP The Pro Experience
- a package of services usually reserved for professional cyclists or Olympians.

Neworld Cycle presents P2AVIP The Pro Experience includes:

• Preferred seeding with the Elite start wave of the P2A70. No need to line up early, we'll save you a premium start line spot
(or Wave 1 – 4 if you prefer).

• Dedicated pre-race bus and bike truck service.

• Early bird registration pickup at Neworld Cycle.

• Guided pre-ride of selected course sections prior to event – date to be determined

• Valet breakdown service. We won't be there when you flat, but you will get a dedicated phone # to call if you really, really need a lift to the finish.

• Reserved parking at both the Start and Finish line.

• Pre race mechanical services if required.

• P2A swag - TBA but its always cool

• Pre-race soigneur services including, race food, energy gels and energy drinks, warm up tent, trainer, embrocation, espresso/coffee and snacks.

• Post race soigneur services including massage and reserved health club shower facilities.

• Post race valet bike wash courtesy of Red Hill Car Wash.

• Premium post race meal and meet and greet with Olympians and professional and elite cyclists brought to you by The John Trim Group/Scotia McLeod.

• Concierge Q&A service ( AVAILABLE SOON - ONLY VIPs Please!!!) CLICK HERE TO EMAIL

Entry fee: $202. Only 250 VIP registrations will be accepted.

HoneyMaxx Cafe Domestique The John Trim Group, Scotia Mcleod
Red Hill Car Wash
Jonny Blonde Food Truck  

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