Pre Ride Maps

This is a first for the P2A - Pre Ride Maps. We have 3 loops - 10, 20, and 30 km, and a 60K point to point from Paris To Ancaster. These Pre Rides avoid private property and also public property where trail damage may occur due to early spring use. Please use common sense - if it rains 10mm the day before you want to pre-ride it probably isn't the best day to be using anything other than pavement.

One of the key features of the P2A is the opportunity to ride private trails and property that is unavailable for public use the other 364 days of the year. A key part of our "deal" with the landowners is that we respect their privacy and stay off their land other than during the race. Unauthorized pre-riding of private property is trespassing and can lead to loss of our ability to use private lands, and ultimately could affect our ability to present this unique event.

DISCLAIMER - do not deviate from the maps below unless you are using paved public roads. We at the P2A take no responsibility for the accuracy of these maps. They are provided as a courtesy. Please respect all private property. Read the notes on each map regarding areas that you must avoid as they are private. Read the notes on each map regarding cautions where the route crosses busy roads. You may be training for a race but there will be other trail users out there so please be courteous and don't blast by them at race speed. Smile and say hello! You'd be surprised how this simple thing can work.

USING THE MAPS - For ease of use they are available through Google Maps. No sign in is required. Click the symbol in the top right of each map to open an expanded view. If you just want to see the route without the numbered waypoints, click the check mark off in the red box beside the file name. If you would like to load the maps on your GPS go to the 3 dot menu to the right of the map name and click "Download KML". You can load this KML file on your GPS via your device's on line apps. For a Garmin GPS example, a KML file can be uploaded to Garmin BaseCamp (a free app) and then to your GPS.

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A quick loop that will take you up the climbs of Paddy Greene Road to Mineral Springs Road and then to the final climb up Old Martin Road to the finish.

An entertaining ride down the finishing hill, along Mineral Springs Road to the twists and turns of Sulphur Springs Road, then
a good section of the Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail to Hwy 52. You then get the Mineral Springs Mud Chute, Mineral Springs Road,
and the final climb on Old Martin Road to complete the loop.

This ride features a good section of the course that uses the Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail. Heading out from Ancaster
you head west on Jerseyville Road which has a number of rolling hills before you get to the village of Jerseyville. Heading
further west you reach the the rail trail following it all the way back to Hwy 52, the Mineral Springs Mud Chute,
Mineral Springs Road, and the final climb on Old Martin Road to complete the loop.

P2A 60K PRE RIDE - Paris To Ancaster
A good ride through P2A country. This point to point starts at the Cambridge-Paris Rail Trail parking on E. River Road and heads
north to Glen Morris. Sharp's Lane is private and off limits - please stay out. The route loops back to McLean School Road
and then heads east past St. George. Passing through Harrisburg, the rail trail is used to access Weir Road. After crossing
Governors Road, the route heads to the Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail and east to Hwy 52, the Mineral Springs Mud Chute,
Mineral Springs Road, and the final climb on Old Martin Road to the finish.