P2A Race Footage & Photos

Research YouTube for "Paris To Ancaster 2022"

Photos from Group Thirty One - This Dundas based photographer's collective (CLICK) had some of their members out taking pictures in a couple of spots on the P2A. There are small galleries here from the photographers. There will be more to come in the future. Many thanks to one and all!

Leah Casselman // Mike Downs // Diane Hinselwood // Kymm Patterson // John Waterson // Colin Williams

Kymm Patterson - ALBUM 1 // ALBUM 2 // ALBUM 3 // ALBUM 4
NEW FOR JULY - Mike Downs - ALBUM 1 // ALBUM 2 // ALBUM 3

ayCat Visuals has let us know about a really nice gallery of random pics from the event.
Thank you Andrew! CLICK

GCN on YouTube - many of our racers were super stoked to visit with Manon Lloyd from the Global Cycling Network (GCN). In this video Manon gets racing tips at Cafe Domestique from Pro Maghalie Rochette and then is out riding on parts of the P2A course. CLICK

GCN on YouTube - here is Manon Lloyd's P2A race adventure. If you've never done the P2A this will certainly give you taste of what it is all about. If you have done the P2A this will give you a fresh perspective of our legendary gravel race. CLICK

Canadian Cyclist - Photos of the lead riders in the P2A100

CHCH - Hamilton TV News was on site for the race. Nice coverage and interviews with the winners. CLICK


Apex Photography

Canadian Cyclist

Pedal Power Photography Race Photos


Apex Photography

Canadian Cyclist

Jan Brozek Gallery

Peter Kraiker Photography

Pedal Power Photography Race Photos

Pedal Power Photography Demo Day Photos

Bill West Photos - Bill was kind enough to send us many hundreds of pictures. He was at Gravel Pit Road just under the rail trail bridge which is a perspective we don't usually see in P2A race photos. .Many thanks to Bill for his photography.
Gallery 1 // Gallery 2 // Gallery 3 // Gallery 4 // Gallery 5

Lesley Scime Photos - Lesley was a participant in the 2018 P2A. She had her GoPro on photo mode and took a series of interesting photos that give you a good idea of what it is like to be in the race. Her photos include the start, Sharp's Lane (in the pack) and some other sections of rail trail. Thanks to Lesley for contributing to the archive.
Gallery 1 // Gallery 2

If you've got photos or video please contact us and we'll let the community know.