P2A Race Footage & Photos

2017 - we will put up links as they come in. Got pics? Let us know.

Apex Photography

Paris To Ancaster Highlight video

Chad Hartman - GoPro video

Leggat Auto Group - Toyota Pace Car at Paris Start

Race Recap from the Leggat Care Foundation

Canadian Cyclist - Crit and P2A70 Pics

Get Out There - P2A20 Video report

Gravel Cyclist - A really nice race report with lots of pics from a rider new to the event - and a nice GoPro race video too!



Apex Photography

Sports Zone Photography

WOWMTB - start pics from Paris

Carpenter Collection - Sandra Carpenter was on the Grand River Rail Trail where it goes up Sharp's Lane. She has been kind enought to pass on to us over 500 pics. We are working through them and we'll get them up here when time permits. Thanks to Sandra!
BATCH 1 // BATCH 2 // BATCH 3 // BATCH 4// BATCH 5 //
BATCH 6 // BATCH 7 // BATCH 8 // BATCH 9 // BATCH 10


Apex Photography - 2015 P2A

Canadian Cyclist - 2015 P2A

WOWMTB - start pics from Paris


Sports Zone Photography - also 2013 pictures

Paris To Ancaster Bike Race Photos- free to download - also 2013 pictures

Lyan Photography - also 2013 pictures

WOWMTB - 2014 Start photos & Harrisburg

Apex Photography- 2013 P2A and 2014 P2A

• Get Out There Magazine - 2013 P2A on YouTube.

GetOutThere 2012 video race

"How to Win Paris-Ancaster" - A multi-part documentary web series showcasing how former National Cyclocross Champion Mike Garrigan,
average weekend hobbyist Jason Zhu, and complete cycling newbie Lori Steuart prepare for Canada's Spring Cycling Classic - The Paris-Ancaster 2013.
Click Here
to watch them.

• A video documentary on the 2012 Paris to Ancaster - VIMEO / YOUTUBE.

• A feature length documentary on the 2011 race and another video on 2012 from Chain Reaction TV

Race Day Rush

• Short video on Vimeo from racer/videographer - Vimeo

Rachel Luman 2013 Race Photos - Gallery 1 and Gallery 2

If you've got photos or video please contact us and we'll let the community know.