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Frequently asked questions 2021

Please read through the FAQs before contacting us.

What is the 2021 Event?
P2A 2021 includes a great package of swag and two unique events – the P2A Virtual Ride, and the “Not The P2A” courses and Virtual Festival.

What is the XERT ride?
This is an on-line event with actual race video, which can be integrated into your smart trainer. To get the full effect you will need an internet connection and a smart trainer. For all details and how to get set up see https://baronbiosys.com/virtual-p2a-2021/

Do I need a smart trainer to participate in the Xert Virtual P2A?
Yes. Minimum requirements:
1. iPhone or Android 6.0+ phone
2. Smart Trainer OR Regular Trainer and a Power Meter with Bluetooth support on your bike
3. Laptop, Tablet OR Desktop with Chrome browser

What are the “Not The P2A” routes and Virtual Festival?
The “Not The P2A” routes are P2A inspired routes simulating the P2A experience in different locals across the province, designed by P2A alumni, including previous winners, local event organizers, Bike shops, and café owners and Bicycle Clubs. The festival is an on line celebration of cycling which all can join to share their own personal P2A experience. It’s not the same as the P2A, but what’s in a name.

What about COVID?
All participants must follow all Covid guidelines. At this point that means riding by yourself in your area, masks and social distancing, and avoiding congregating.

Is it a race?
Definitely not – all routes are just suggested courses. You are free to do your own ride in you own area, and use our hastags (#notP2A2021 // #P2A2021) to share with others.

How will I get the routes?
We will email you them the week prior to the event. When you receive the routes, we ask that you please refrain from sharing them widely. These rides have been specially prepared for P2A participants and we want to ensure they retain their exclusive value.

Can I ride them at other times?
Definitely. The rides have been prepared to the best of our ability to use only public roads and trails. See if you can ride all of them over the summer, and if conditions allow, take your friends.

Does my 2021 registration include both the Xert Virtual Ride and the Not The P2A routes?

What if I don’t want to participate this year?
Your 2020 entry will be automatically deferred to 2022.

Does my deferral until 2022 guarantee my participation in the 2022 P2A ?
No, you will still have to register for the 2022 race, which will be subject to what ever local regulations regarding field size, etc dictate. You will be given notice ahead of registration opening for 2022.

How do I defer my 2020 entry to 2022?
You don’t have to do anything. Anyone registered for 2020 that does not register for the 2021 event, or request a partial refund will be automatically deferred until 2022.

How do I claim a partial refund for my 2020 registration?

Partial refunds were available until April 4, as per earlier announcements. Your entry will automatically be deferred until 2022.

An Update on the Stay-At-Home-Order

There have been some questions around the recent provincial COVID-19 stay-at-home order, and the good news is our format for this year permits us to continue as planned. But this hinges on one simple thing...follow the rules.

When you're riding your local route, on race weekend or afterwards, it is absolutely essential that you follow all COVID-19 related safety guidelines, particularly around outdoor gathering size restrictions!

So please adhere to group sizes no larger than 5, ensure social distancing (yes, no drafting!), mask wearing (a buff is in the swag bag!), and no congregating at the start or finish of any routes. Please keep your socializing on-line. Most Not The P2A routes are designed so they can be started and/or finished at various different locations to help avoid crowds. There are no fixed start times or dates. These are not racing routes. We are not encouraging a mass start.

We would love to hear from you on April 25th and see how you're riding safely in your own local area, or you can do your own personal Not The P2A on any day, and post on social media at any time. We look forward to seeing our Not The P2A GPS maps in use over the summer as restrictions around regional travel relax.

Let's join together in making P2A 2021 safe - and demonstrate how amazing our family of race enthusiasts is - for the love of the race and the speedy return to other cycling events.

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